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Meet Jessica Martins

1- Hi Jessica, thank you for accepting our invitation to answer some questions as an international woman of our network! To start with, tell us a little about yourself, the work you do, your hobbies, the most remarkable place you have visited abroad, things like that.

Hi, my name is Jessica Martins, I am 32 years old and Brazilian :)

I work in the food Industry at Cargill as senior Supply Chain Manager, meaning I am responsible for production and logistics of cocoa (which in the end will become Chocolate or pastry). Is a challenge and very dynamic job which gives me a lot of energy. I am also finishing my Executive MBA at IESE in Barcelona, keeping me very busy for the last 2 years.

I love sports, all kind. Just invite me and I am in. My passion is Ballet and Yoga, but I go for run, bouldering, hiit classes, boxing, spinning...keep in move and with people (and new people) is even better!

I love traveling, visited till now 36 countries. Is amazing to know other culture, understand the history behind and just reflect that there are so many places, people and differences. The most remarkable place I have ever been is Atacama, Chile. The mountains and colour is breath taken.

And Brazil is Beautiful as well. Is a must go. So much nature and wonderful beaches. Is also very much breathtaken plus the food is incredibly good.

2- Where do you come from and why did you choose Amsterdam as your new home?

I am originally from Brazil from the countryside of São Paulo.

I lived abroad 12 years ago in Switzerland as my first work. I felt in love with Europe and told myself I would return...and here I am.

I think Amsterdam is a lovely city, with a lot of infrastructure (tons of sports, restaurants, parks) and also a good international community. You can bike anywhere and feel safe. The canals are so pretty, biking around feels like a movie.

3. For how long have you been living here and how is it going with adapting to the multicultural Amsterdam style? Do you see any differences between here and your hometown?

I moved to the Netherlands 14 months ago being transferred from my job.

I came in the middle of covid and lockdown. It took me a while to adapting with everything closed, but today I feel home. I love Amsterdam style, have people form everywhere and from my daily life I do not see a lot of tourists.

I love biking for groceries, for work, sport if is sunny or raining...the new normal life. In São Paulo everything was by car and lots of traffic Jam, it was quite a change (for good). Another big change is leaving home with the rain...back home when it’s raining , likely you stay is normal life – buy a raincoat and live the life.

Food is quite different. I used to eat a lot of meat, rice and beans. But you can find very healthy food and I have decreased animal protein which made me feel good.

4- Socially: Do you hang out mostly with fellow Brazilians or is your social life more multi-culturally oriented?

Is half and half. I do have some 3-4 close Brazilian friends, yet I try to mix a lot. My current circle is very international and I love it.

5- How did you get to know the Amsterdam International Women and how has been your experience with the network so far?

I met this group during lockdown through the Amsterdam GGD website, they recommend communities and I found it. It was great to meet the ladies and go for a walk at the Vondelpark, second time I left my house after I arrived. I’ve created the bouldering group and have solid friends coming from here. It’s a great way to connect and create good friendship.

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