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Amsterdam International Women

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Dear lady,

Spring is definitely coming! Are you ready? Here in our March Campaign you'll find our latest news and an abundant flow of nice offers from members of the Amsterdam International Women, to uplift you. As an expat lady in Amsterdam and taking good care of yourself, give preference to the service and products of Business women of our network, not only to empower our community of international women, but to access exclusive discounts offered to you as a member. Amazing deals on products and services of our Business Members are being exclusively offered to our yearly members. You can check all the benefits of our yearly membership on our platform As an AIW Business Member you can join the next campaigns by contacting us on WhatsApp, or via the platform. You can check all the benefits of being a Business Member also on our platform

With love,

Paula Kelder

Founder of AIW

– The Latest News

The School of Presence is back! Ladies, did you know that the Amsterdam International Women started from a series of workshops organized by the School of Presence? Yes, this was the name of the super cool and alternative coaching school we had during the times when we lived in the countryside: raw and unplugged, almost a hermit. Back then we shared recipes and coaching exercises as a way to challenge what we then perceived as “reality” and also to organize a deep process of personal transformation. The news are: From now on, The School of Presence is back and we’ll be sharing every now and then some of our past and current leanings and reflections. Just for fun! You’re welcome to follow our insights and simple exercises, for free, on the Amsterdam International Women platform. Coming soon!

New Club in the House: ♻️Flow Fashion Club

We’re creating this new club because we’re tired of sending clothes that we appreciate, but that for some reason don’t fit us anymore, to the textile container of our neighborhoods. It feels impersonal… How about offering it to people of our local community, in a practical way?

How it works: 1-You make an offer for the standard price of 2, 5, 10 or 25 euros: strictly only clothes, shoes, accessories or perfumes. 2-The first girl to react to it (either with a heart or a reply) has the preference. We count the order of reactions; 3-You send the item 4- and Tikkie the receiver for the sending costs + the agreed price of 2, 5; 10 or 25 euros. 4- Please get in touch directly about the address, payment and further details. 5- Only members are allowed in the group; 6- No spam alsjeblieft. Only offers and reactions and good, spontaneous chatting-vibes😍 7- Finally, let’s be generous! ♻️ I believe it’s good for our souls and for the planet! As a member, in case you have already joined your first event, please contact Paula to access the club.

Radio Bram: A Radio station in English

Broadcast Amsterdam is an independent, non-profit, English language media producer for Amsterdam. Vision

Everyday radio, music, local stories. With love from Amsterdam.


We’re building the ultimate source of discovery for Amsterdam, full of good music and local stories; a place you can happily turn to at any time in the day to listen live to music together with the latest city buzz on an online radio station, or On Demand, whenever you like. A 24/7 broadcasting hybrid for today’s audience, spreading love, connection and understanding, for all of Amsterdam and beyond. For more about Amsterdam you can find the on demand shows here. And also catch the live stream on their smart new radio app, download for iOS/Android here. We had the honor of being invited for an interview at Bram Radio on the occasion of the International Women's Day to talk about the Amsterdam International Women Network. You can listen to our interview back On Demand. There were music picks also!

The AIW Fitness Club has a new meeting point

The Amsterdam International Women is happy to announce that since November 2022, the AIW Fitness Club has a new meeting point. The Go Health Clubs on the Overtoom have yoga and boxing lessons, circuit training and super professional personal trainers to assist you during your workout. As an Yearly Member of our network ask for your special discount. Please use the promo code AIWGoHealth when joining the gym. We look forward to seeing you there.

– AIW March Campaign

Meet Melody from Bellefitfitness My name is Melody , I am a Personal trainer and coach. For as long as I can remember my heart has always been connected to helping others be their best version of themselves. Through exercise I teach women the basic fundamentals of strength training and adequate nutrition in order to achieve their goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle gain or just staying healthy, fit and strong or longevity, I will help you get to your goal. My goal is to teach women how to move their bodies safely, sustainable and make it a long lasting lifestyle that is maintainable. My services are available online, in person at the gym (small safe and intimate gym) and the best part is I can also come and train you at the comfort of your own home. I aspire to inspire as many women as possible to find their strength through exercise and nutrition. Please visit my website for more info or send me an email on Call me on +31682852178 Ask for your offer when reaching out with the promo code AIWBellefitness Thanks so much an with so much positive vibes, Coach Melody.


Meet Janina Kesseler from RINGANA Meet Janina Kesseler - Partner with the Austrian Company RINGANA who combine Nature with Sience since more than 26 years. Our core values are Fresh, Excellent & Trend Setting. I love to recommend the freshest skincare products and supplements on the market. Freshness is more, because leaving out the synthetic preservatives gives us more space for a unique concentration of active ingredients. We research new formulations, discover unique ingredients and use innovative technologies to enhance the performance of our products. Do you feel healthy in your skin? I guarantee that it's possible without any artificial ingredients. Happy to give you a free taster sample and a 10 Euro Voucher for your first order. mobile: +31648677449 Instagram: JANINAKESSELER


Meet Lamia, anti-diet coach My name is Lamia, and I'm an anti-diet coach and certified intuitive eating counselor. I specialize in helping busy professionals and high-achieving women find food freedom and build trust in themselves not just around food, but in all aspects of their lives. The reason why food freedom is so crucial is that our cognitive biases often hold us back from making meaningful changes in our relationship with food and life. We've been taught to believe certain things about food that can affect how we think, feel, and act in other areas of our lives. By learning to trust ourselves around food, we can begin to develop trust in other areas of our lives too. By expanding our awareness, challenging our biases, and healing our relationship with food, we can cultivate a more compassionate approach to life, which leads to greater fulfillment, satisfaction, and connection with ourselves and others. As a coach, my mission is to help you transform your relationship with food and empower you to live a more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling life. As a special offer for the AIW community, I'm providing a 20% discount on my 1:1 coaching package of 16 weeks (code AIWFoodFreedom) Free consultation and materials:


Meet Amy Branger from Perfect Avocado Retreats Perfect Avocado Retreats produce juicy, transformational programs for women. We move women toward lives that are fun and moving forward. Toward adventure and power and hearts filled with love. Toward hope and positivity. Our programs support women in creating daring futures for themselves for women who are asking the question, “What now?”. We are offering 10 € off of our popular virtual retreats to AIW members. Code AIWAvocado. What is a virtual retreat? In Perfect Avocado land, it’s setting aside 3 - 4 hours just for you, with intention and focus. We gather together using the Google Meet tool, ideally on a computer so that you can be hands-free and readily see the other participants. In each virtual retreat, we distill one key aspect of our signature week-long in-person retreat into a mini session and do a deep dive in that area. We've just opened registration for our Manifesting 101 and Discover Your Super Power virtual retreats with dates from April - July. Don't miss out! Our February virtual retreat sold out fast.


Meet Ilaria from Broosha Conscious Beauty Just seen in British Vogue (and soon in another very fancy magazine), Broosha Conscious Beauty skincare line is 100% plant-based made in Sardinia and has been formulated for ageing, dry and sensitive skin, with the aim to enhance your natural glow. Our products are packaged in recycled materials and are designed for women with an eco-conscious lifestyle and passion for niche brands. I am Ilaria, Broosha's founder and formulator, I studied as a natural skincare formulator and created the brand from scratch, focusing on local ingredients from my homeland Sardinia that have been used for centuries as skin remedies in the Mediterranean area. I am also a Face Yoga coach and have an online class for beginners available for you! I would love to hear everything about your skin and your skincare routine. Feel free to contact me via email, subscribe to my newsletter or text me. email me at: check out my skincare line: check out my Face Yoga online class: whatsapp me at:0646817178 Apply this code and get 20% off: AIW20 (only for skincare, not face yoga, sorry!) Ciao, Ilaria & Broosha


Meet Ariane Lalakea My desire for you is to connect to a deep sense of fulfillment through bringing more sensuality, womb wisdom and erotic embodiment into your everyday’s life. To help you unlock flow, joy and radiance in your life I combine a unique approach of leading edge leadership tools in combination with erotic embodiment practices from somatic experiencing & trauma aware nervous system theory to tantric shamanic wisdom, all infused with creativity and ceremony.

  • In person offers: I work with women of all walks of life in 1:1 journey’s to come home to the wisdom of the body and use it as a secret weapon, using coaching and bodywork to help you overcome anything that separates you from the wisdom of your body.

  • Online offers: Further I share group programs for service-based entrepreneurs to bring the power of Eros into your business and have the success and impact that you desire from a place of pleasure and trust over pressure and hustle.

I wish to see a world full of connected, erotic embodied women who dare to do it differently and lead from head, heart and womb for a better tomorrow. Contact info: Email: Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/telegram: @arianelalakea Phone: +436606664936 Promocode: AIWEmbodiedEros - 20% off on all offerings


Meet Lucia from inHOUSEcapture Photography I am Lucia a lifestyle photographer who helps solos or family capture magical moments in their life and help you create unforgettable memories. I am all for authentic natural photos full of adventure, fun and joy. With me there is no awkward posing just a day where you will enjoy yourself. Grab your 15% discount with code AIWLUCIA while booking with me. For businesses I also offer food and product photography that I have been doing for many years now. I love helping brands to spread their message through photos. Your clients won’t be able stop scrolling and I will definitely make sure your photos will stand out of the crowd. Let’s create something magnificent together. Grab your 20%discount with code AIWLUCIA. Email: Website: Phone number: +31 6 4220 3391


Meet Heidi from Willow Rose Newly opened in February 2023, Willow Rose is a unique nail salon concept dedicated to a conscious approach which is gentle on you, kinder to nature. Beauty doesn’t have to be compromising or harmful. Offering quality manicures and pedicures, our beautiful polishes, gels and builders are 12-free of the most toxic, blacklisted chemicals (still used widely today) and are eco-conscious, vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, bio sourced and HEMA free. Removal and care is also of course a top priority! Benefit from our revolutionary gel systems that simply soak off in minutes, without abrasive scraping or filing - no more damaged nails! Natural bamboo exfoliating scrubs, nourishing oils, vitamin enriched bases and naturally formulated lotions ensure your completed treatment leaves you refreshed, pampered, feeling and looking great! Need some pizazz for a party coming up, a pop of glitter or a little bling? Feel free to contact me with any needs and wishes, I am happy to help! Gift cards, referral program discounts, price lists and more on my website. Special first time customer discount of 15% with the code AIWGoGreenGirls Website : Mobile : 06200 220 44 Email : Located in Amstelveen


Meet Ellen Johnson Meet Ellen Johnson, Founder & Coach at Evergreen Coaching & Consulting. Ellen has been coaching and supporting people through her work over the past 9 years, and made it official by training to become a coach in 2020. She launched Evergreen in 2021 after moving to Amsterdam, where she coaches both in-person and virtually with people around the world. Evergreen specializes in supporting people who are considering or currently navigating a work or life transition. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck and thinking about making a change at work. Or you might be starting something new – a new job, becoming a parent, etc. – and lacking confidence to bring your full self to this new chapter. Whatever you’re going through, Ellen is here to listen and to help. To support you on your path, Ellen is offering one free 90-minute virtual coaching session to AIW Yearly Members, for you to explore and gain clarity on a challenge that you’re experiencing or a change you’re considering. This can be work-related or personal – the main requirement is that the topic is important to you! Use this link to book your free session: (no code needed) Email: Website: Instagram: evergreen_coach_consult LinkedIn:


Meet Milena Jeremic Milena Jeremic, web designer and developer, is the owner of BitSteady Creative, a creative web design studio that helps you grow your business smarter and faster. Her vision is to help creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and small businesses build a quality website they are truly proud of. Her studio is not just another web design company. She is an entrepreneur like you who understands that your time is your money! BitSteady Creative Studio offers you 20% discount for: 1.Custom Website - In-depth consultation and strategic web design for growing businesses. For discount book free discovery call and add promo code AIWBitSteady in form. 2.All pre-built fully customizable website templates for starting business. You can get your discount when you add promo code AIWPreMadeWeb at checkout. Check out all templates on Since many AIW members are not entrepreneurs, Milena would like to offer all AIW members a 20% referral fee, i.e. commission, if they get someone else to buy her custom website services! If you are interested in this offer or have any questions, please contact Milena with the promo code AIWBitSteady, via


Meet Roberta Carlucci As the face of your business, your image and brand should be aligned to what you stand for and help you connect with your ideal client. If you've been struggling to position yourself as an expert, to show up confidently and authentically to your meetings in-person and online, and you want to position yourself in a more premium niche to earn more, the way you dress might be the thing holding you back. It's time to dress strategically for success to reach higher paying clients, be seen as an expert, and stand out in your niche to grow your business to the next level. I'm Roberta Carlucci, a master image consultant and personal brand strategist with over 14 years of experience, and can help you reach these goals. Click here to register for my free Professional Image Secrets Masterclass to know more: Or book your Free Image Strategy Call with me here: Use code AIWMember to get 10% discount on my online or in-person programs!


Meet Imajen Coaching Do your Beliefs Empower you or Restrict you? Managing your beliefs frees you to become your authentic self. Imajen Coaching is here to help. Beliefs have a major influence on your life. Most of them are in your subconscious and you’re unaware of the powerful influence they have on your actions and your life. Becoming aware of your beliefs and learning to manage the limiting ones, is an essential part of becoming your authentic self so you can live in alignment with the best version of you! I’m offering you a massive discount on my exclusive Taster Coaching Package. You’ll get: Three coaching sessions of 1 hour each to explore your belief system Tools to manage your limiting beliefs Encouragement and support to keep you moving forward Accountability to help you take the steps required to become free to be your true self I’m offering a 50% discount for AIW members. Your investment is only €225 instead of €450 Contact me using promo code AIWTasterPackage via: Email: Mob: +31 6 33 97 49 63 Website:


Meet Gabriella Rudolf Dear Sister! ✨ How about unlocking your full potential with astro-coaching? If you're seeking answers and a deeper understanding of yourself and your actions, then as a skilled astro-coach, I combine the power of astrology and coaching to help you discover the hidden potential within you. Now, forget about those horoscopes in the newspaper. With my help, we can deep dive into the complex map of your birth chart to discover your true self. Whether you're seeking clarity about your career, struggling with family dynamics, or looking to improve your relationships, your birth chart can provide valuable insights and answers. And as a certified NLP Master Coach, Action Method Practitioner, Reiki Healer, and Hatha Yoga Teacher, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our sessions. So what are you waiting for? Book your first appointment today and allow yourself to unlock your full potential! "Knowing Yourself is The Beginning of All Wisdom." - Aristotle 0621680198 For 20% discount: AIWtransform


Meet Ana from OUI SLEEP Is your child getting enough sleep? We prepare for childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding and read books on child education but no one tells us how sleep works and how to cope with sleepless nights. It has been proven that our babies' lack of sleep impacts negatively on their development and, not only that, it also affects our lives in many ways. Exhaustion can affect our mood, our concentration and productivity at work, our relationship with our partner and increases the risk of postpartum depression. If your child is between 0-24m and resists sleeping, wakes up a lot, only knows how to sleep at your breast, in your arms, etc, if he gets up too early or anything that prevents him from getting the rest he deserves, I am here to help you. My method does not consist of leaving your baby crying until he falls asleep (never!), my method is based on respect, love and attachment. You are closer to rest than you think and for that I have created a 15% discount for you. Just contact me and use the code AIW15 when booking your appointment. See you! @ouisleepcoach


Meet Anca Chifu from Kookxtra Kookxtra is an innovative platform that brings talented chefs and their delicacies together on one platform. Looking to bridge the gap between chefs and foodies, Kookxtra takes away the hassle of having to run from pillar to post to find authentic regional dishes in and around you. We at Kookxtra are extremely passionate about food, and would like you to come join us on this culinary journey. So if you're a chef or just enjoy authentic regional cuisine, then come join in on the experience. We promise you won't regret it. Download Kookxtra app from Play store or App store and you have a 20% discount on your first 3 orders placed on the app. Promo code: AIWKookxtra


Meet Monika Matuszewska Monika is the founder of the coaching practice LaMatu, which offers a variety of individual coaching services including both online sessions and live consultations in Amsterdam. She is an accomplished business professional, and over the period of 16 years she had built a career in international corporate organisations including IBM, Philips, IKEA, Nikon and L’Oréal. While working with her coaching clients Monika can draw upon her broad business expertise and extensive international experience. LaMatu specialises in the intersection of private and work-sphere, which makes it possible to tackle dilemmas from both personal and professional domain. As a professionally certified coach, NLP practitioner and yoga teacher Monika can apply a holistic approach and combine different methodologies to best suit the individual needs of her clients. Monika aims to leave each coachee inspired and empowered to design and create a life fully lived and aligned with their highest purpose. AIW yearly members are entitled to a special 20% discount to all LaMatu services, including 1-1 coaching and workshops. Schedule your free online discovery call at: Promo code: AIWLaMatu


Meet Selene Snippe Selene, the lawyer would like to offer the AIW Yearly members a 20% discount on: 1. all her contracts (for more details, check out; and 2. the first month of her legal counsel membership subscriptions (for more details, check out Additionally to our Yearly Membership Campaign, Selene has another proposition. She would like to provide the AIW entrepreneurs to earn back their investment & for the other AIW members (who are not entrepreneurs) to earn some cash on the side. So, she would like to offer all AIW members a 20% referral fee, i.e. a commission, if they get someone else to purchase her services! This means that a member would receive €85 if they get someone to purchase a contract for €425, excl. VAT. For the subscriptions, it means that the members receive a referral fee equal to 20% of the first month of the chosen subscription. For example, if a member gets someone to purchase a Silver Membership Subscription (which is €2,500, excl. VAT, per month), she gets €500! If you're interested on this AMAZING offer, please contact Selene with the promo code AIWSelenethelawyer, via and have access to her professional services with these exclusive discounts. We're so happy to make this connection!


Meet Rachel Hine Hello there, I'm Rachel Hine. I'm a photographer and creative director specializing in commercial and branding work. I love listening to stories of all kinds, from all sorts, and distilling complexities into impactful visuals that serve you and your purpose. I've been photographing and creating professionally for over a decade and have worked with the BBC, several United States government agencies, Lyft, Apple, and USAID, to name a few. I chose this career for the constant opportunities it gives me to meet and work with new people across a multitude of careers, disciplines, and sectors. I really love that I've done creatively lit, very artsy portraits on behalf of one client and the next week have photographed local teenage kids involved in an educational non-profit's after school program. It takes all kinds, after all! I'm really excited about the opportunity to meet members of Amsterdam International Women and hear more about how you could benefit from some visual storytelling of your own. I'm happy to work with individuals who need a short, quick photo session for headshot purposes, folks who want a branding/business shoot, and non-profits who could benefit from some visuals to drive donor and volunteer engagement. I can't wait to hear from you! Check Rachel's website: And contact her at with your promo code at hand AIWRachelhine for more information about discounted packages for AIW Yearly members!


Meet Joanna Pantigoso Are you a business owner in Amsterdam without a social team? ⁠Do you lack consistency in posting or time for engagement during your busy weeks? We are here to help manage your social media channels and create the content you need so you can focus on what you love. I've included the complete information for our Social Media Package on We can always schedule a video call to custom-tailor the options for your business needs. Ask for your offer when conctacing Joana using AIWJoanna.


Meet Andi from Unaccented I PRACTICE EVERY DAY because I want to -wanna- IMPROVE my ENGLISH. Pronunciation has a huge impact on how we are perceived. English has a certain melody and knowing what you need to emphasize, the rhythm, and how to end sentences, will not only convey the right message but also allow you to sound more confident when giving speeches, courses, or when negotiating with your prospect. How do you pronounce th in these or a in cat? Making sure you get these specific, almost unique sounds right, will ensure a better understanding of your message. Gain confidence and reinvent yourself in English. Learn the tips and tricks on how to sound confident in English with my pronunciation screening. Take an assessment that will uncover what and how you can improve your speech. Take your speech to a different level! The assessment consists of reading words in isolation and in sentences, a text, and talking about your experience learning the English language. Following the assessment, you will receive the results with your patterns of speech that could be improved, as well as a 15-minute video call in which I explain ways to improve your speech and other tips and tricks. Unaccented offers English language solutions and focuses primarily on pronunciation and accent reduction. Please contact me at and request your pronunciation screening. How confident do YOU want to sound? Promo code AIWunnaccented


Meet Bita Roshandoony Bita Roshandoony Are you an early entrepreneur tired of struggling with self doubt and the challenges of starting a business? Do you find yourself constantly battling your own inner critic voices? Do you long to inject more fun and play into your entrepreneurial system? If so, my 12-week Freedom, Fulfillment, and Fun Formula program is designed for you. In this program, I will coach you how to flip the switch on your mindset so you move towards opportunities instead of obstacles. Through a step-by-step process, you will learn how to bring in five-star clients and create a sustainable business. You will also learn how to silence those negative inner voices that can hold you back from achieving your goals. But that's not all. I believe that success is not just about working hard, but also about having fun and bringing joy into your work. That's why my program also includes strategies for infusing play and creativity into your business. You'll learn how to tap into your own unique strengths and passions, and use them to create a thriving, fun and fulfilling business. If you're ready to let your inner playful and fun self shine in your business, sign up at Available now at a special launch price of only €997


Meet Beth Farris After 18 years in the corporate world, and the worst burnout of my life, I decided to start my own business. I remember what it was like… I had SO many questions, and no one to turn to for answers. I was reluctant to niche down. Reluctant to ask for help. Reluctant to put myself out there. Over-complicating things. If only I had gotten help sooner! Today, I love demystifying business, brand, and marketing strategy and supporting people to strike out on their own. Despite what the online business world tells you, you DON’T need the fancy funnels, get-rich-quick hacks, hype and hustle. You CAN do business in a way that is simple, genuine, and aligned with your natural strengths and values. Want help to get started and get your first clients? Let's build your dream business, together. Check Beth's website For €300 off her Dream Business Builder 1:1 coaching program, use promo code: AIWBethFarris


Creating a Shift - A program for Creatives Lift off your creative career. This program offers an effective mix of career coaching, creative strategy and network. Designed by Kickan (NL) and Daniela (PT). It’s never too late to chase your dreams. The Creating a Shift program offers one-on-one sessions and meet-ups with the community of fellow creatives. So you feel supported to make your shift to a career that matches your creative potential. Ask for your offer with the Promo code: AIWCreatingashift Instagram: @Creating_a_Shift


Meet Anugraha Anugraha is a yoga teacher known for her accessibility, her sense of humour and the ability to empower her students through her classes. As a yoga instructor, she brings to her students a depth of experience in Yin,Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa style yoga, having trained across the globe with internationally acclaimed yoga practitioners. Anugraha has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 14 and believes that yoga is not a "one size fits all" practice, and that every person is on a different path. She tries to offer her students the opportunity to take that path in their own way at their own pace, to modify when needed and to honor how they feel at all times. She finds immense joy, satisfaction and inspiration in seeing students discover their own personal yoga journey and hopes to nurture and encourage them along their way. To access 20% discount, please use the Promo code: AIWAnugraha To know more you can check Email: Phone: +31621680851


Meet Amandine from Bloem & Moi Bloem & Moi's mission is to help high-achieving women entrepreneurs and professionals to elevate their self-care by infusing a touch of luxury into their day. We believe self-care leads to deep, radical self-love. And that leads to a better world. Our luxury hemp teas are created as your daily self-care reminder. It's time for your cup of tea, to create a sacred pocket of time just for you. No phone, email, kids, partner, expectations - just you. It's more than tea, it's an experience. One that makes all your senses light up and that leaves you feeling calm, cared for, and luxurious. And that undeniably leads to making better decisions in your life and business - and that's how we're changing the world. Bloem & Moi also creates bespoke tea blends for your events, containers, programs, retreats, clients, and boutiques, helping you elevate your clients' experience with the gift of luxurious self-care and change the world. Our gift to you: use code AIW20 at checkout on for 20% off.


Meet the Red Key The Red Key is redefining the art of matchmaking by taking out the detached, robotic, and mentally exhaustive steps of swiping and scrolling through hundreds of impersonal dating profiles and inserting a long forgotten component –the HUMAN component. The Red Key is not a dating site and you will not be viewing profiles. Instead, The Red Key will take the pressure off of you, do the hard work for you, and will leave you with the energy and open mind to enjoy dates with hand selected potential long-term partners. Consider us to be your “agent”, getting to know you on a deeper level and taking this information out into Amsterdam, promoting YOU and looking for your one. Website: Email:


Meet Tammy Parrish from the Clothing Compass Tammy Parrish is a stylist and personal shopper who wants to solve your Dutch clothing frustrations. Living in a different country means adapting a lot. However, your personal style is unique. Why change it, or rely on trips “back home” to restock your wardrobe? Tammy offers a Sustainable Clothing Subscription to (re)build your wardrobe with pieces that match what you already own. She shops new and secondhand in Europe, all online, using a virtual closet system. It’s a flexible subscription, with prices starting at €25/month. Sign up for a three-month trial, and get your fourth month free (5 Finds). Visit for full details and note the promo code when booking your call. Promo code: AIWClothingCompass

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