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Welcome to Amsterdam

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Ladies First

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Explore our Free Meetups and Events in Amsterdam! 


Expat Women Worldwide

We have a strong vision to inspire and empower International Women from all around the world,
helping them to connect and belong wherever they are.


Make new friends, feel supported, hang out, sport, have fun and also learn about other cultures and languages


Join our exclusive network with fine events, select clubs, Whatsapp groups, online Forums and a top VIP Board to find and be found by
the right people, making the connections that matter in Amsterdam!


Take a look at our exclusive photos and interviews with the ladies who have been making the difference in Amsterdam!

Get Involved

There are many ways in which you can get involved with us, so don’t even consider feeling lonely in
Amsterdam! Join our warm-hearted community or start right now by just dropping us a line. You’re not alone!

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