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Practicing Stability

As beings who operate in this world in various ways, we are endowed with unique capabilities, "ways of being" which permeate whatever we do with our unique and individual energy. I will, most of the times, refer to these energies as "dispositions" for actions. From the neutral state of just being in the moment, there are four general dispositions for actions through which we operate in the world.

  • Openess;

  • Flexibility;

  • Resolution

  • and Stability.

I could talk about them separately: about the range of possibilities that each one opens for us; on how to harmonize them and to manifest them in our ways of being in our bodies, on the way we move, think, act, speak and ultimately, on how we are in the world. However, my intention at this point is to present them just as an introduction to this post whose main purpose is to speak in more detail only about "stability" and what I have been learning from it. I expose these thoughts while sitting in my chair. I am well dressed, my spine is straight and from my window I look at the horizon every now and then. The house is tidy, my appointments are scheduled and everything is well prepared in order for the day to proceed as safe and smooth as possible. If some unpredictable event occurs, I can appeal to my flexibility, which is the most immediate way of being for me, and to which I give myself comfortably, especially from the perspective that life is a sequence of unpredictable events that carry the wonderful potential to upgrade us into reality. But let us leave these digressions aside and concentrate on the lessons that we want to learn today. 1. "Stability" is a disposition for action commonly beneficial to princes, kings, or anyone occupying a leadership position, whether at a material or at a spiritual level. Those acting from this energy are not easily shaken by any wind or bad weather, as their long roots keep them firm in their proper place. 2. A stable character offers his beholder the quality of “sovereignty” which is, in this case, the awareness about the limits of his territory as well as his domain over it. 3. A sovereign is haughty. He observes his field from above and does not let himself be captured by the gears of the mechanisms that drive his state. 4. Mothers, housewives, teachers, administrators, or anyone playing a leadership role can benefit from this disposition. 5. In our bodies, a stable disposition for action is manifested most prominently in our firm legs, a little spaced; in a straight, elongated body; a haughty head and open eyes, that reaches the horizon, while also aware of its peripheral vision. 6. A good practice for invocation of this disposition is to keep the body as described, while imagining yourself as a tree, whose long roots keep you steadfast on your place and whose leafy branches are spread throughout your entire territory. You can also practice moving around with this energy. In more abstract terms, keep it grounded, acknowledging every step as a soft, but grounded and powerful conquest. Try to be mindful about the lowest parts of your body. If you also want to involve your voice on this exercise, experiment opening your mouth and freely speaking out whatever comes to your mind. It works better after you have been maintaining this energy for at least 5 minutes. You might be surprised by discovering a new depth in your voice tone. 7. Anyone who wants to benefit from this disposition, either because of a circumstantial challenge, or for a permanent function which occupies in life, may adopt practices to develop it, making it predominant or easily accessible. New circumstances in my life, such as the growth of my children have put me in an existential position that has been favorable to the natural development of Stability in me. What have I learned from it?

Authenticity - The first thing to which I was called to do by Stability was to define myself as an individual in the world. The gain of awareness about my competences, as well as about the limits of my “territory” has been contributing for the development of a more authentic character on me. Not exactly the same type of authenticity that I previously knew from my open and flexible way, but a different one now, with a deeper dimension, more rooted, which imposes limits and occupies its proper place in space-time.

When I first heard about the different types of energies by which we operate, I've felt that Stability would be virtually impossible for me. That's because I thought by then that in order to develop a more stable character I should forge a stiff way of being, masked and in disconnection with my infinite being and with the natural flow of life. However, this is not what I am observing. Stability, from an ecological perspective, is precisely what has been giving space for the emergence in me of an independent but interconnected individuality.

A last consideration on this point is that by acting from Stability you are more likely to be proactive, instead of reactive in your interactions and relationships, which opens up new possibilities for actions, by breaking old, collective, vicious cycles of thoughts and emotions.

Freedom - Stability gives room for the birth of freedom in me and also in others, as it allows me to acknowledge and respect every expression of another human being. That's because the serenity I gain from being sure about myself gives others the freedom to just be themselves as well. A serene being, rather than being shaken by the winds of antipathy that repels, or sympathy that attracts, circulates through environments at a level above these emotional shocks, thus giving room for the truth of others to arise. This attitude is, to my eyes, a noble invitation for another human being to meet us at a higher level, on the dimension of the higher self or of the common good. The mastery on this skill gives his beholder a good sight of observation of himself, the world and life, without the need, in order for that to occur, to live retired at a monastery. We can say therefore, that this disposition of character is the most appropriate vestment for spiritual people who work outside their "monasteries", dealing with very different individuals and in various environments of the world.

Discretion - Stability has been teaching me to be discreet. To know about my roots and the quality of my branches and leaves, to feel the power of my trunk and after all, to be aware of my uniqueness, can only lead me to discretion. Real discretion is the state of propriety of the being. It is also adequacy, discernment, the ability to decide about the appropriateness of each thing and also application of will. Among the forms of communication it is the softest and the one which is the closest to silence. As for the vestment, discretion leads us to adapt to each environment in order for us to feel comfortable for the manifestation and stabilization of our being. Although discreet, a stable character normally dresses with elegance and distinction, which imbues his presence with the unique touch of his individuality.

Composure - I understand Composure as the most dignified face of elegance, or the guarantee of an essential minimum in the presence.

It is noteworthy that in my view Composure should always be considered from a context, fact that I conclude from the Latin origin of the word: "compositura" or "composition", that requires the arrangement of various parts into a harmonious whole, which can only be known by an observer who has at least some perspective of the work in progress. Yet, Composure is the state that keeps our being within its own limits, thus preventing any deviation from truth to forging, from sobriety to exaggeration, or from dignity to arrogance. Finally, it is worth considering Composure as the harmony that basically governs the presence, regaling his beholder with self-control and providing him the necessary tranquility for his effective and successful activities in the world.

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